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Have you ever arrived at your commercial property – maybe you have a large warehouse of an office with cladding – and looked up and thought that’s really not very clean.

You will probably have then carried on with your day until once again you have the same thoughts in a few months …..

Cleaning and maintenance of your cladding around your property can have a dramatic effect on not only the look of your building and the image it portrays but also on your staff and their morale.

Seeing their building looking pristine and smart drives positivity and an attitude to perform to a high level matching the image of your company and set up.

What cladding can we clean – all types of cladding can be cleaned from flat cladding to ridged cladding through to stone cladding and metal cladding.

Can you clean our bike shelters or smoking shelters as well ?

Yes we can certainly include the treatment, sanitisation and cleaning of your shelters whilst on site.

These areas are often forgotten on commercial sites or private sites and a skilled technician from CIS operating our softwashing systems can have these looking like at the same time as the cladding.


Treatment and cleansing to remove infestations, bacteria and staining.
The specialist soft wash system provided by CIS offers immediate results on any external building façade including :


The solution is water based biodegradable and is mixed within our specialist system to provide a Softwash Solution that is then delivered to the façade – render / brick / stone / cladding / wood – to kill at source any infestation causing discolouration and damage to the look of your property.

The solution is then sprayed equally over the whole surface to ensure a thorough in depth clean and is left to react and break down bacteria and infestation on the surface – once reaction has taken place the surface is washed thoroughly with water and the treatment is then repeated until the surface is clean and returned to its original state.

The area is then given a Final Clean which neutralises the detergent on the surface and provides a solution that contains a cheetah wax to buffer the surface against future infestation and bacteria – ensuring the surface remain cleaner and brighter for longer and in many cases for years to come.


SoftWashing is a cleansing of external building facades that lasts upto 6 times longer than pressure washing without the pressure – it is delivered through specialist systems at a pressure equal to that of a garden tap and only uses approx a third of the water that pressure washing uses.

SoftWashing is a long term clean so there will be no need to re apply this annually – surfaces are protected for years to come and it saves many of our clients huge finances that would be spent in re painting and redecoration costs – that can then be utilised elsewhere within the business.

Working with the use of our own truck mounted boom CIS can offer access to heights of 90ft and cleansing of your property with their own specialised equipment from the SoftWashing System through to the access in our Truck Mounted Boom and fully trained and licensed staff.

Speak to us about SoftWashing your building façade before you consider paying for redecoration – we will save you a lot of finance and provide a stunning result for your property………………….

Case Study – Fairfield Secondary School

CIS attended site for our client to complete a trial area one weekend, to show exactly what could be achieved in using a Softwashing System in comparison to the costs of redecorating the school externally. The worst area of the school was chosen for the trial.

Following our trial over a weekend we provided our client with a comprehensive quotation detailing the areas we would look to clean and how long this might take with the agreement to provide before and after photos.

We were competing on this quotation to convince the school that the best value for them was to use CIS Softwashing in comparison to re painting all external k rendering – which in itself can be very expensive and time consuming.

Our tender was approved and over the course of 7 days we attended site utilising our Multitel MX 250 truck mounted boom to reach the highest areas and those that were awkward to access above roof areas.

Treating all render at least four times and then providing a final wash showed the school image improving day on day until the end where the only areas not Softwashed were those being painted.

As a by-product and benefit to the school, all paved areas directly around the render were cleaned with the Softwash Solution free of charge as we worked.

The before and after photos show that the year’s of grime, bacteria and infestations had stained the k render severely, but with some time, expertise and training CIS managed to strip the render back to its original colour and return the school to a very presentable and professional image – in the process saving the school in excess of £25,000.



“CIS offers a unique combination of services that has covered our cladding wash down, gutter inspection and window cleaning to ensure the airport remains pristine and professional looking at all times”

Phil Walker Operation Director, Sasse (Bristol Airport)

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CIS will offer you one guarantee – we will provide you with the most friendly, professional and reliable external building clean service you could wish for – the results will truly astonish you and all from a local family run business with over 45 years experience.

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