Stone Cleaning

Can you clean an old stone building ?

Yes we can clean stone buildings with our various services – either SoftWashing or with our HotCube steam cleaning system.

If your building is older and the stonework showing signs of decay then we would recommend the use of our SoftWashing system to gently treat and fully clean the surfaces without damage.

Can you clean our listed building ?

Most listed buildings are protected from various cleaning methods due to their age and how fragile they are.

The most recognised method to clean listed properties is with a steam cleaning system called a DOFF system.

This creates steam up to a temperature of 150 degrees which delivers hot cleaning under steam with very little pressure.

CIS run a HotCube system which offers exactly the same service where steam is generated to clean with little to no pressure.

Alternatively we would be happy discuss the use of our SoftWashing system as another option.

Yes we can clean your listed property safely and efficiently.

How long will it take to clean our building ?

To answer this question we will need to complete a full site survey and especially look at the access for cleaning.

Also the condition of the building will obviously effect the length of time it might take to clean it and make it look great again.

“CIS offers a unique combination of services that has covered our cladding wash down, gutter inspection and window cleaning to ensure the airport remains pristine and professional looking at all times”

Phil Walker Operation Director, Sasse (Bristol Airport)

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CIS will offer you one guarantee – we will provide you with the most friendly, professional and reliable external building clean service you could wish for – the results will truly astonish you and all from a local family run business with over 45 years experience.

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