Roof Cleaning

We use a combination of low pressure SoftWashing to treat all organic (moss, algae and bacteria) and non organic (traffic pollution, oils etc) staining on your roof and exterior surfaces.

These infestations cause your property  to become aged and  look tired – your roof can hold moss and lichen which also excrete acids onto the roof eating them away and potentially damaging the roof  – moss also holds water and the weight can cause structural damage.

SoftWashing will not only treat and kill all organic matter on the surface but it will leave the surface clean and sanitised – if required we will treat the surface of your roof initially with a SoftWashing solution and then use a low level pressure clean to remove any build up of moss, lichen and staining.

The combination of SoftWashing and this low level pressure clean will leave the surfaces of your property looking fully clean and gleaming – you’ll be surprised what colour your tiles really are under all the staining and organic matter on your roof!

Roof cleaning is completed using our own specialist equipment including our company cherry picker for safe access with fully trained technicians who do not walk on your roof or your structure at any time – preventing potential further damage.

Why have your roof cleaned 

First Impressions Count

Improve Kerb Appeal

Clean Properties Sell Quicker

Roof Cleaning Can Add Value To Your Property

SoftWashing Use Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

Look After One Of Your Single Biggest Investments

“CIS offers a unique combination of services that has covered our cladding wash down, gutter inspection and window cleaning to ensure the airport remains pristine and professional looking at all times”

Phil Walker Operation Director, Sasse (Bristol Airport)

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Our Promise

CIS will offer you one guarantee – we will provide you with the most friendly, professional and reliable external building clean service you could wish for – the results will truly astonish you and all from a local family run business with over 45 years experience.

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