Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

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What would you use pressure washing for and how does it work ?

Pressure washing has been around for many years within the cleaning industry and is commonly used to clean and remove surface dirt on hard surface areas externally like car parks, stone walls, cladding, roofs and building facades.

Pressure washing works as the name would suggest – water is pushed through a narrow small appature to increase its pressure and provide a strong water jet through the relevant cleaning nozzle.

The effect of this means the technician can clean areas closely and effectively to ensure surface contaminants are fully removed and the surface restored to a clean state.

Where greater areas need cleaning the pressure washer will be used with a Flat Surface Cleaner which is a 24 inch rotary disc which allows the surfaces to be cleaned more evenly than a nozzle and allows larger areas to be washed.


Do you have to be trained to use pressure washing equipment ?

The short answer here is no !

However the pressure washing equipment we operate will create a pressure up to 3500psi and with that kind of pressure you really would want a trained technician with experience.

At CIS we all trained with the Water Jetting Association who are the officially recognised regulator of pressure washing within the UK and through them all staff receive a training course for the safe operation of pressure washing equipment.

All our staff have also completed many hours of work on site to gain their industry knowledge and therefore you can be assured of a team that’s competent and efficient as well as operating safely.

How do you ensure the works are completed safely ?

Once we have assessed the works to be completed and agreed a set of Risk Assessments & Method Statements with you, our staff will be instructed on the clean.

Upon arrival we will create a safe working zone – this is an area that is effectively sterile and means no one can enter the working areas that have been created with chapter 8 barriers or hazard tape.

All technicians will be wearing the relevant PPE to ensure safe working procedures and the works are completed safely both for your staff and our technicians.

What areas can you pressure wash ?

  • Stone & brickwork cleaning
  • Concrete areas
  • Car park and service areas
  • Fire escapes
  • Pavements & patio areas
  • Metal works and cladding
  • Roof areas

“CIS offers a unique combination of services that has covered our cladding wash down, gutter inspection and window cleaning to ensure the airport remains pristine and professional looking at all times”

Phil Walker Operation Director, Sasse (Bristol Airport)

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CIS will offer you one guarantee – we will provide you with the most friendly, professional and reliable external building clean service you could wish for – the results will truly astonish you and all from a local family run business with over 45 years experience.

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