Commercial & Industrial Roof Cleaning

Why have you roof cleaned ?

Maintenance and cleaning of your roof surface can ensure your property stays cleaner for longer and not only enhances the look and image of your business but means the most important asset of the building is in safe working order.

How Will You Access My Roof

There are several factors in deciding how CIS will treat, sanitise and clean your roof for the best results.

We would need to consider safe access to the roof area – is there access onto the roof safely and do you have a mansafe system on the roof to ensure technician safety whilst cleaning.

If a mansafe system is not required because your roof is flat do you have any edge protection in place – again to ensure technician safety and to ensure equipment and staff do not fall off the roof.

If your roof is inaccessible from an access point or stairs we will need to consider access through using one of our own company MEWPs ( Cherry Pickers ) – CIS operate two truck mounted booms which can safely access up to 85ft tall as required but equally important with a 14m outreach if required to allow safe access for treating your roof or skylights.

Now we’ve established how we will access the roof in question what cleaning procedures or techniques will be used ?

CIS has access and fully trained technicians familiar with all relevant techniques for cleaning all manner of roof systems and surfaces.

SoftWashing – this is a chemical treatment to kill all organic matter ( algae,lichen, mould ) and non organic matter ( oil, grease ) and strip the surface back to its original state – ensuring the roof is not only fully sanitised and clean but looking great.

With a SoftWashing treatment we will also then provide a Final Wash which neutralises all cleaning chemicals and importantly adds in a cheetah wax to the solution to leave the roof looking shiny and bright as well as protected against the elements.

SoftWashing is environmentally friendly and only uses approx. one third of the water that pressure washing uses.

DOFF Steam Cleaning – it may be that the cleaning of the roof requires a little more agitation and therefore combining SoftWashing with a DOFF steam clean will complete a full in depth clean for you.

DOFF cleaning is the use of pressure washing but with the pressure reduced down and the water turned to steam – allowing a low pressure clean to all areas producing stunning results.

Pressure Washing – the traditional and best known process that will provide a high level of water pressure to remove any stubborn stains and clean the surfaces – pressure however does not kill any organic matter on the surfaces so it is a less effective clean of the roof surface when compared to SoftWashing.

However the three processes we’ve briefly described each have their place for the cleaning of your roof and it will be down to our business development director to talk you through which process is suitable for your roof cleaning.

“CIS offers a unique combination of services that has covered our cladding wash down, gutter inspection and window cleaning to ensure the airport remains pristine and professional looking at all times”

Phil Walker Operation Director, Sasse (Bristol Airport)

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Our Promise

CIS will offer you one guarantee – we will provide you with the most friendly, professional and reliable external building clean service you could wish for – the results will truly astonish you and all from a local family run business with over 45 years experience.

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