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Patio, Stone & Decking Cleaning FAQ

Patio and stone cleaning is an essential aspect of the full external cleaning service we offer all homeowners -please have a look through the most common questions we encounter and if you have any further queries, please contact us through our e mail or phone number and we will happily talk you through the whole process.

  • Are your staff fully insured and trained ?

Yes all CIS technicians are fully insured with £10,000,000 employee liability and £5,000,000 public liability.

CIS Technicians take many hours of training on an ongoing basis to ensure they are fully informed of the latest techniques and safety regulations, all technicians hold the following minimum qualifications –

WJA – Water Jetting Association

Lead Technicians – fully trained softwashing staff

Good Stewards – environmentally friendly softwashing standards

Ladder Safety

All staff are trained to ensure that you receive a first class, safe & professional service to make your home look fantastic.

  • How do I pay and do I have to be in on the day of cleaning ?

You can certainly be out when we attend if you choose to – you’ll receive a confirmation e mail and telephone call prior to the works on the day so any arrangements for access can be discussed as required.

Payment is usually made once we’ve submitted our invoice which we will only do once you are fully happy with the complete service.

Payment is usually via bacs directly into the bank upon receipt of an invoice.

  • Will SoftWashing damage my patio or stonework ?

No it will not – SoftWashing is a specialist chemical treatment that is delivered at low level pressure similar to a garden tap – it is not pressure washing at 3500psi so theres no risk of damage to the surface itself.

The treatment will provide a 100% kill ratio on the surface and remove all organic staining – by this we mean algae, moss, mould and mildew – these are commonly found in the UK with our weather.

Organic matter build up and cause the surfaces to be discoloured and often very slippery – SoftWashing will remove all of this and leave the surfaces clean and sparkling as well as safe to walk on.

  • How often will my patio need to be cleaned ?

This can be discussed on the site visit but often it depends on the aspect of your patio – is it in the shade and therefore more likely to remain damp and cold – which in turn will breed organic matter.

Is the patio in the sun in which case its likely to stay cleaner for longer.

The general answer is – SoftWashing lasts up to 6 times longer than pressure washing and because it kills all organisms on the surfaces it will provide a longer term result.

We would advise we stay in contact and review the cleaning after approx. 18 months – and then action a clean if its required.

  • Will you need a water supply on the day ?

Ideally yes please – SoftWashing systems utilise water within the treatment process and as part of the wash down at the end to ensure all areas are safe and neutralised.

We therefore would appreciate a tap connection – however if this is not possible it can be discussed and we can make alternative arrangements.

  • Will you book our visit with plenty of notice ?

Yes – our admin team will contact you once a job is allocated to confirm and notify you of our visit.

Of course on the day of the site visit we will discuss potential dates with you and we can always be flexible to fit your needs – you will also then receive a further phone call and e mail confirming the booked works.

  • How do you clean any wooden decking – could you clean my wood bench ?

Within SoftWashing systems we have a product called Wood Wash and Wood Restore – used to treat and clean wood ( as long as its not varnished or sealed ).

Wood Wash is blended with water and sodium hypochlorite to treat and clean all wooden decking and indeed furniture.

This is then fully rinsed off and we then provide a final treatment called Wood Restore to add life back into the wood and decking leaving it looking amazing.

  • Can you also clean any garden furniture ?

SoftWashing can certainly be utilised to clean and fully sanitise most garden furniture including metal outdoor table and chairs, rattan garden furniture and plastic toys – if you have any furniture you’d like cleaned and sanitised just let us know.

  • Do you also clean commercial properties ?

Yes we do – we’ve been cleaning externally for over 47 years and run a specialist residential SoftWashing team and a separate commercial team for cleaning.

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