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Roof Cleaning FAQS


  • How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Roof?

This is a question we are asked on nearly all enquiries and obviously this is a key factor in agreeing to transform your roof to look great.

How large is your roof

The is one of the most important aspects of how much it will cost for your roof to be cleaned – are you smaller bungalow roof, a semi detached property, a 4- 5 bedroom detached property or maybe even larger and a mansion.

We will need to pop out and complete a full site survey and measure up to give you an accurate price.

Level Of Infestation

What is the condition of your roof – do you have your tiles covered in thick moss and lichen ? Maybe you cannot see the original tile colour – this would be a level three infestation of your roof and will obviously require more work than say a level one where it would be light organic staining, meaning the infestation level is far less.

Access Around Your Property

Another consideration – we DO NOT stand on your roof at any point unlike other contractors so we need to consider your access. If you’re a bungalow our systems will likely reach your roof apex from the ground but for other properties will we need our cherry picker or maybe a scaffold for awkward areas of access.

What We Provide

Included within the pricing is consideration of the specialist staff and training we give them to ensure they can do the very best job for you safely and efficiently. The use of our own access plant like our cherry pickers or a scaffold, and finally the level of insurance we have in place to ensure you really do receive the very best service available.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Your Roof –

The below figures are approximate and within our site inspection to quote we will discuss all aspects with you and confirm the pricing for you.

Bungalow roof – £1100.00 – £1500.00 + VAT

Semi Detached – £1300.00 – £1800.00 + VAT

Detached – £1600.00 – £3000.00 + VAT

  • Are your staff fully insured and trained ?

Yes all CIS technicians are fully insured with £10,000,000 employee liability and £5,000,000 public liability.

CIS Technicians take many hours of training on an ongoing basis to ensure they are fully informed of the latest techniques and safety regulations, all technicians hold the following as minimum qualifications –

Working @ Heights

IPAF – safe use of our cherry pickers

Good Stewards – environmentally friendly SoftWashing standards

Ladder Safety

All staff are trained to ensure that you receive a first class, safe & professional service to make your home look fantastic.

  • Do you offer a fixed rate when you provide a quotation ?

Our pricing will be discussed with you on the site visit and once agreed the price is fixed – we will not be looking for any hidden extras !

  • Is Softwashing and its chemical environmentally friendly ?

Yes most certainly – we all adhere to the Good Stewards scheme which is about protecting the environment.

SoftWashing uses sodium hypochlorite with water-based additives that when correctly mixed through manufacturer instructions becomes non hazardous.

SoftWashing use chemicals that are –

Water based

Low V.O.C ( Volatile Organic Compound )


Free of fossil fuels where possible ( equipment )

Alkaline stable

By adhering to the Good Stewards Scheme, we are committed to providing a service that is both environmentally friendly and safe.

  • Why should we SoftWash our roof and not just use a pressure wash it ?

As a homeowner you will no doubt have seen or heard of a pressure washer and maybe even used one – SoftWashing is the latest proven technique ( in the USA for over 30 years ) that you may have researched and is why you are now talking to CIS.

Where pressure washing is suitable it can damage surfaces and provides no long lasting effect – the use of SoftWashing is a treatment that is based on a chemical treatment that is delivered at low pressure equivalent to that of a garden tap.

SoftWashing will therefore not only remove moss but also the staining and discolouration that is caused by lichens and algae, that often makes our roof look tired and dirty.

During the process SoftWashing offers a 100% kill ratio on the surface treated and we may then need to use a low level washer to remove dead moss build up – when we say low level the washer is around 900psi only – a traditional pressure washer can be as high as 3500psi !

SoftWashing is delivered through a specialist truck mounted system that blends safely together sodium hypochlorite, biocides and water to provide a solution that will transform the roof condition.

SoftWashing offers an instant result with a fully backed five – year warranty.

There are other options but they will leave you waiting for months or even a year before you see any noticeable change in condition – and with no warranty !

  • How will you access my roof ?

CIS will complete a full site survey and talk through all elements with you – we run two small truck mounted booms ( cherry pickers ) which allow us to access the roof of your property safely and efficiently.

This also allows technicians to treat the surfaces correctly from above safely without  walking on any aspect of your roof and causing damage.

We may also need to use a small scaffold tower that we have within our workforce to ensure all areas are covered without the need to walk anywhere near or on your roof !

  • Will you damage my plants and grass with your cleaning ?

The quick answer is no !

When we arrive we will do a pre inspection of your property with specific note of plants and grass.

Plants and grass areas would be effected by the SoftWashing solution if we just sprayed them and walked away but we have a clear process in place to ensure plants and grass are treated.

Initially all plants and grass within the treatment area will be fully wetted and soaked with tap water to ensure the plants and grass have a good feed.

We then treat all plants and grass with a specialist feed and product called Plant Wash.

The plants and grass are effectively fed and kept hydrated and once we complete our works we rinse all plants and grass with the Plant Wash that effectively –

Neutralises all bleach on the surfaces

Adds nutrients back into the soil and the roots of plant / grass – feeding it from the base

Liquidfertilsies the plant / grass through the stems and leaves

Acts a buffering agent to protect the plants

In effect we will protect all plants and grass not only with common sense but our specialist Plant Wash products designed to enhance plant life.

We are so sure your plants and grass will be fine we offer a 60 day guarantee and should you experience any issues in this time we will cover the plant costs ( upto a max of £500.00 ).

  • Will you need a water supply on the day ?

Ideally yes please – SoftWashing systems utilise water within the treatment process and as part of the wash down at the end to ensure all areas are safe and neutralised.

We therefore would appreciate a tap connection – however if this is not possible it can be discussed and we can make alternative arrangements.

  • Will you wash my windows once you’ve completed the roof cleaning ?

We are fully committed to your satisfaction and as part of the signing off process we will ensure all windows directly within the treatment areas will be cleaned with purified water and left looking great.

  • How do I pay and do I have to be in on the day of cleaning ?

You can certainly be out when we attend if you choose to – you’ll receive a confirmation e mail and telephone call prior to the works on the day so any arrangements for access can be discussed as required.

Payment is usually made once we’ve submitted our invoice which we will only do once you are fully happy with the complete service.

Payment is usually via bacs directly into the bank.

  • Will you clean up after the visit ?

Absolutely – our staff will complete a full clean of your property and remove all roof waste from site.

All areas will be washed down and any plant pots that have been moved will be put back to the correct position.

We very much pride ourselves on the complete service and will not only provide an amazing looking roof but also a clean and smart surrounding area – you don’t need to do a thing leave it with us as the experts !

  • Do you also clean commercial properties ?

Yes we do – we’ve been cleaning externally for over 47 years and run a specialist residential SoftWashing team and a separate commercial team for cleaning.

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